Heritage Buildings In Kaniva

Shire Hall

The heritage listed Kaniva Shire Hall was built in 1927 and opened in 1929. It is one of two public buildings in Victoria to feature a cameo ceiling. The upstairs features the old council chambers and the downstairs offices are now used by the genealogy and the Landcare group. In days gone by, the hall was also used as a cinema and roller skating rink. The hall can be viewed by visiting the West Wimmera Shire Council offices in Baker St adjacent to the hall during office hours. It is now used for a variety of community events and is available for private hire. 

Railway Station

Update - This was burnt down on May 12th 2018 - see news story

The heritage listed Kaniva Railway Station (not open to the public) was constructed by Cashin & Turner, to the design of the Victorian Railways Department Architecture Branch, on the Dimboola-Serviceton line in 1887. The site comprises a small, hip-roofed, timber station building with classical decoration, a timber posted platform, roadside verandahs and a projecting porch with decorated gable. Kaniva Railway Station is historically significant as a key contributor to the character of the Western line. It is historically significant as an important and intact example of the 'Kaniva' style of station building design that arose from the 'Octopus Act' of 1884. It is also architecturally significant as the most complete example of this standard station design, the 'Kaniva' style. This design was developed to cater for the heavily trafficked western line to Adelaide, and consequently included a large booking lobby and waiting room. Design features included decoration to the verandahs and to the gable ends. The survival of the projecting porch and decorated gable is unique. The design of the platform verandah is of special note, being of a picturesque style.

Commercial Hotel

Built in 1927, The Commercial Hotel is a fine example of pre art deco architecture and features a lead light ceiling over its sweeping staircase.

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