Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Mount Arapiles, in the Arapiles-Tooan State Park, is renowned as one of the world's best climbing areas, about 90,000 people visit the mount each year. The traditional aboriginal name for Mount Arapiles is Djurite.Since climbers first started visiting Arapiles in the 60s, more than 2,500 climbs of varying degrees of difficulty have been documented, including those among the world's hardest.

Facilities at the mount for those wanting to camp are basic-bore water, toilets and hand-basins only.
Fires are permitted only in the fireplaces provided, and firewood must be brought with you - it is illegal to collect firewood in the park.
Park management prefers that you use a fuel stove.
Fees are payable by an honesty box system - currently $2 per person per night.

Climbing gear can be hired from the Climbing Shop in Natimuk.

Rock climbing information

Rock climbing and abseiling is available for everyone from beginners to advanced, one on one to groups, by appointment

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