KANIVA CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT LAWYERS is one of the best law firms in the arena of construction injury legal cases. Our legal firm understands that medical expense reimbursement covers only treatments deemed necessary and relevant to a specific work-related injury. Workers’ compensation includes occupational rehabilitation and even transportation to and from medical facilities. However, all of these costs have time and cost limitations. With so many people and tools working on the job site at once, it can be difficult to establish a timeline for the events that lead to an injury. Even finding the right tools and equipment can be difficult. This is especially true if the employer incorrectly records the injury after it occurs. An experienced construction accident lawyer from KANIVA CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT LAWYERS has years of experience working on-site cases to organize the details of your case. Your attorney may need to consult an expert witness on construction-related injury and safety issues. These professionals can help you determine why or how an accident happened, especially if you didn’t directly witness something that caused the accident. We will represent all in the courtroom including salary and the severity of the disability, whether it is a temporary total disability.